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Preserving Your School’s Past
Funding its future
Your School's Past
Digitize Your Yearbooks & Preserve Them Forever!
We scan your old yearbooks and make them searchable on the website. Getting your school yearbooks digitized with Skalooza is a hassle free, safe and easy way to digitally preserve your valuable yearbooks. When the process is complete, your yearbooks will be preserved in a digital format that is organized and searchable for future generations to enjoy!
We understand that yearbooks, especially the older ones can be very fragile.
We take every precaution to ensure that no damage comes to your yearbooks while in our care.
Broadcast Your High School Events Online!
Using Skalooza's platform to broadcast sporting, graduation, and other events online is easy. Plus, relatives and local communities enjoy having the option to follow their school by watching quality live video online. In addition to providing a live stream, when you broadcast through Skalooza, we record the event and keep it available online for everyone to enjoy later.
Stream High School Events LIVE!
Streamed events will be recorded and preserved for future generations
An Easy-To-Use Photo Application!
Students, staff, and community members can easily upload photos for everyone to enjoy! Because all photos must be approved by the school before they will appear online, our Photo Application is a safe and easy way to keep a collection of school photography that will remain available to future generations.
Our photo application is very easy to use.
It's Safe. All photos must be approved by the school.
Preserve Your Videos Before They Become Extinct.
It's amazing how much our users enjoy some of the old footage that has already been added to the site. We know that there is a lot of vintage high school footage out there and we want to work with you to preserve that footage for future generations. We have a Video Application for users to upload video of high school footage but we also have the capability to take VHS, 8mm, and 16mm footage and make a digital copy that can be preserved and viewed online.
We can make a digital copy of your VHS, 8mm, and 16mm footage
Write Your Own History
Faculty and students can be given permission to write articles about current events taking place at your school. It's great "real world" experience, especially for students, and it provides a great service for the school and community. Over time, these articles begin to creat a documented history of the school
Easily write articles for your school
It's Safe. All articels must be approved by the school.

Raise Funds
For Your School
We can help you reach your Fund Raising Goals
Teaming with Skalooza is not only the easiest way to raise funds for your school but your community will love all of the rich new content that will be available for them to enjoy.
Your Content Is Valuable
When schools broadcast their events live we will work with local businesses to sponsor these broadcasts. We can place banner ads on these broadcast pages and plug these businesses durring the broadcast. Unlike most other services, we share the profits from these banner ads with the school.
We find local sponsors.
We share the profits with your school.
Shop Amazon. Raise Money.
Throughout your school website on Skalooza.com, users can click on your school's Amazon Link to jump over to Amazon and shop online. When users click your school's Amazon Link before they order a product through Amazon, the school will receive a portion of the revenue from that sale. The great part is that whether a user visits Amazon.com directly or they use the school's Amazon Link to shop on Amazon, the pricing is the same. We already have schools earning hundreds of dollars by simply reminding their alumni, faculty, and communities to use their school's Amazon Link to purchase items they were going to purchase anyways.
Book Hotels. Raise Money.
Throughout your school website on Skalooza.com, users can click on your school's Hotel Link to book a hotel room. The rooms and rates are provided by Hotwire and Expedia. When visitors use your school's Hotel Booking tool to book a hotel, the school will receive a portion of the revenue from that hotel booking. The great part is that users will see the same pricing on your school's hotel booking page as they would see if they went directly to hotwire.com or expedia.com.
Sell Archived Videos and Photos Online
Anytime you broadcast a live event it will be recorded. As your school continues to broadcast live events and upload school related videos and photos, you will begin to create a digital library that many parents, relatives, alumni and fans will be willing to pay for copies of. Skalooza provides a way for you to sell a digital copy of your school photos and videos. Once again, this provides a way for schools to raise funds while preserving their history.
Fundraising Has Never Been So Easy
Partnering with Skalooza allows you to generate a very usefull list of alumni over time.

Here is how it works
Users must create a free account before they can view your online yearbooks, live broadcasts, photos, videos, etc. We are able to organize all users by high school and graduation class. This accumulating list of your alumni becomes extremely valuable when it's time to put together a fund raiser. We've even created a Fundraiser Application to help organize fundraisers and utilize your alumni list.