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Ashlee Barquist - 10/11/2010

Class of 2007

On July 15, 1988, our family experienced great joy as AshLee, the second child of Terry and Laurie (Hafen) Barquist was born. On October 11, 2010, our family experienced great heartache as she left us.

Growing up, our brown-eyed blonde was always up for an adventure. She enjoyed riding horses, theater, swimming, track, soccer, roller hockey, softball, basketball, choir, NASCAR with Papa Dale, and even catching crawdads and digging for gophers. She was full of love, life, and destined to go places. She had many dreams - unfortunately her life here was cut short prior to many of those dreams being fulfilled.

She leaves behind a family who loves her so very much, including her mom, Laurie, and step-dad Lonnie; sisters, Amber and Alexis, brother, Austin; her dad Terry and stepmother, Debbie; and step-brother, Addison; grandparents, who were like parents to her, Dale and Karen Hafen; grandmother Rita Barquist; aunt Lisa (Lorin) Leavitt, who thought of her as their own child; uncles Randy (Dennett) Barquist and Ronnie Barquist; her great-grandpa Rex Gubler; and many aunts and uncles, cousins and two nieces.

She was preceded in death by her great grandpa Ferrel Hafen, great grandma Vilda Hafen; great grandma Jean Gubler, and grandpa Terry A. Barquist, all of whom, we’re quite sure, were waiting with wide open arms to hug and love her.
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Amber Barquist (2536 days ago)
Today is your birthday!! I love you & miss you so much!! Happy 23rd Ash!!
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