Grand County High School

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Yearbooks Digitized!

When this you see

Remember me. . .

Lest I shall be forgotten.

Since 1919 Grand County High School has been printing a yearbook, to put in writing a record of the school year.  But a yearbook is more than a record; it is a collection of lives and memories, friends past and present, and all of the times that made you laugh or cry.

As you glance through the books perhaps you will find something that links together all of the lives and memories.  For some it may be school spirit, for others it may be football or baseball;  but for us, it is Moab, it is Grand County, and together we are Grand County High School.


Scanning the yearbooks was a huge undertaking.   The students and volunteers who helped with this project saw the value and necessity of preserving our history.  They did not want our moments and our memories to be forgotten.


With great appreciation, we recognize:

Class of 2012

  • Betts, Ryan
  • Lewis, Tanika
  • Manley, Riley
  • McCollum, Tyler
  • Nakai, Zak
  • Nickle, Jordana
  • Norman, Belyn
  • Rigdon, Joey
  • Ruggeri, Jordan
  • Savarese, Andrea
  • Schilling, Evan
  • Treptow, Randy
  • Yost, Kyle

Class of 2013

  • Arnold, Brenna
  • Codina, Janeth
  • Hardin, Jacob
  • Minor, Linda Rae
  • Santana, Gloria
  • Snow, Donna

Class of 2014

  • Farabee, Ryan Cameron


  • Marylin Thomson Hawks, GCHS 1953
  • Dick Mack, GCHS 1961
  • Jack Mayhew, GCHS 1961
  • Mary Stocks  Johnson, GCHS 1961 
  • Carol Curfman Mayhew,  GCHS  1962
  • Carolyn O’Neal  Lema, GCHS 1963
  • Ruth Virts Westwood, GCHS 1963
  • GCHS 1961 50-year Class Reunion ( with 1962-1965)
  • GCHS 1962 50-year Class Reunion
  • Nina Nicol Groth, GCHS 1966
  • Jim Stocks—IT instructor, GCHS 1983
  • Dan Johnson—Technology Director, GCHS 1985
  • Mike Barker, GCHS 1964


  • Hren, Ed.D,  Stephen — Principal
  • LeVar, Lance — Associate Principal
  • Richards, Jeff — Yearbook Advisor
  • Stephenson, Carol — Librarian
  • Wentzlaff, Brian — Library Assistant


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