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There is no love lost between the Dixie and Pine View boys basketball teams. Just 4.5 miles apart, the teams get to see and hear a lot of each other in the tight-knit St. George community. They are the epitome of a small-town rivalry. Which could have had something to do with the amount of tension that was infused into ... Read more
The Desert Hills and Dixie boys basketball teams are pretty familiar with each other. That's what happens when schools meet twice a season, every season, and battle the way the Region 9 teams battle. So by the time the Thunder and the Flyers stepped onto the floor for the 3A semifinal matchup at the Maverik Arena on Friday ... Read more
With his team down by one and on the brink of elimination with just two seconds left, Dixie head coach Ryan Cuff called a quick timeout and knew exactly what play he was going to run. With no one guarding the ball, Richard Guymon rifled a pass to RJ Wilgar, who quickly found Tyler Bennett on the right perimeter with just ... Read more

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