Dixie High School

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Dixie Events
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DateEvent NameCategory
2/1/2017Desert Hills 51 VS Dixie 48  Varsity
Boys Basketball
2/2/2017Snow Canyon 51 VS Dixie 35  Varsity
Girls Basketball
2/3/2017Dixie 55 VS Snow Canyon 38  Varsity
Boys Basketball
2/7/2017Dixie 58 VS Pine View 55  VarsityGirls Basketball
2/8/2017Pine View 60 VS Dixie 49  Varsity
Boys Basketball
2/9/2017Dixie 39 VS Cedar 59  VarsityGirls Basketball
2/10/2017Cedar 56 VS Dixie 77  Varsity
Boys Basketball
2/17/2017Dixie 55 VS Logan 53  VarsityBoys Basketball
2/23/2017Canyon View 43 VS Dixie 48  Varsity
Boys Basketball
2/24/2017Juan Diego 66 VS Dixie 59  Varsity
Boys Basketball
2/25/2017Dixie 52 VS Desert Hills 51  Varsity
Boys Basketball