Hillcrest High School

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Hillcrest High School Memorials

The purpose of this page is to honor and remember alumni that have passed away.
Class OfNameDate of DeathCommentsFuzzies
2016Cheyenne Bagley5/20/201500
2016Hunter Kelson5/20/201500
2000Tyler Elliot Rauzon1/22/199830
1999Trenton Arthur Higby8/16/200400
1998Jaqueline Bryant7/11/201600
1998Brandi Allred 8/18/201300
1998Nicole Quayle6/13/201210
1998Lindsay Marie Oneida10/25/200910
1998Kip Joshua Thompson7/9/200900
1998Ryan Owen Cootey2/8/199900
1998Jeff C. Sines5/6/199700
1998Heather Anderson9/16/199600
1997Samuel Falkner2/15/201600
1997Matt Quayle12/19/200910
1997Leonard Aragon2/24/199610
1996Brett Alexander9/1/201700
1996Steven Marquardt6/12/199600
1996Nicholas Dirkson 11/18/199520
1995Mark Henry Roberts Jr.6/12/201800
1994Aaron Steven Paskins12/4/201300
1994Meisha Quayle12/10/200400
1986Scott Robinson6/18/201700
1977Jolene Smith10/12/201400
1976James Arlis Snowden III10/16/197400
1975Melissa Smith10/27/197400
1974Linda Kastner4/20/197600
1967Jerry Lynn Schoenfeld10/13/196601
1966Roger Wayne Simper 3/11/200900
1965Thomas Gonzales12/7/196700
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